APTX 4869

APTX 4869 2
Manga Chapter #1
Anime Detective Conan Episode #1
Appears in Anime, Manga and Movie
Kanji 四八六九
Rōmaji Yon-Hachi-Roku-Kyuu
Other Prototype Detective
Creator Atsushi Miyano
Perfected by Shiho Miyano

  • Black Organization
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  • Shiho Miyano
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APTX 4869 (四八六九, Yon-Hachi-Roku-Kyuu) is a fictional toxin and derivative of an experimental formula of unknown purpose known by the Black Organization, first created by Atsushi Miyano but perfected by his daughter Shiho Miyano to shrink every living being into a child.


Haibara have stated that she didn't meant to create the toxin[1]


It has known by Gin that is is a toxin that can't let the police find any signs of poison in the victims body. Gin also stated that it is a "newly developed drug" by the organization and that they haven't been testing it on humans yet which Gin uses Shinichi as their test object[2].

Haibara explained that the toxin is a kind of mysterious poison that was supposed to terminate cell's life immediately which makes it able to kill someone with no trace of any poison. Haibara explained further saying that it made the person cells aside from their nervous cells system which brought them back in being a child[3].


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